Martin ‘The Warrior’ Warrillow

A Powerful Public Speaker


Martin Warrillow is a stroke survivor and an inspirational public speaker. Through the dramatic story of how he became ‘The Warrior’ he delivers an important message that resonates with us all. 


Martin believes that he is lucky to have survived a stroke and is grateful to have been given another chance in life. His mission is to educate people in business about the dangers of living a stressful, high pressure lifestyle. 

In 2013 and aged only 49, Martin suffered a sudden stroke while crossing a busy high street in Tamworth, Staffordshire. He escaped death by inches after almost being hit by a bus. 


With one half of his body temporarily paralysed, Martin crawled across the road to safety. He was helped by a local shop owner who quickly phoned for an ambulance. Within minutes a paramedic arrived and immediately recognised the symptoms of a stroke. 

Martin believes that his life-changing stroke was a direct result of working long, unsocial hours in a stressful environment. His powerful presentations to businesses and other organisations emphasise that a stroke can happen to anyone of any age, but that the risk can be reduced. 


Martin advocates the importance of work/life balance, relaxing, eating well, getting enough sleep and proper financial planning. He aims to stop people making the same mistakes that he once did and inspire them to make lifestyle changes for the better.  

As a stroke survivor, Martin’s viewpoint is heartfelt and unique. Although medically retired from work, he is a member of the Stroke Association funding panel and a mentor to stroke survivors and carers. 


To discuss public speaking opportunities and make event bookings, please contact Martin