Sorry for my absence - Did you miss me?

As I was saying before I was rudely interrupted.....This blog, The Warrior, was forced off the web in mid-February by a series of IT problems which went waaaaaay over my head. I'm incredibly grateful to Dave Hardy of 5Computing and Mark Northall of for sorting me out.

It took a considerable effort on both their parts and their understanding of my general lack of IT knowledge, coupled with their understanding of the difficulties caused by my stroke, was hugely appreciated.

Previous posts can still be found via the link on my website at, something for which I am grateful to Graham Nicklin of itseeze websites. But I'm back now and hopeful that things can move in a positive new direction in the coming months. A new business plan is being put together for, one which should allow me to do what I'm passionate about (namely, educating people about stroke so that what happened to me doesn't happen to them) but which also takes notice of the fact that I can only work for a very limited number of hours per week without doing myself harm.

During this blog's enforced absence, I have tried to become more aware of the need to give my brain and body the rest it needs. Sure, I still get up at silly o'clock once a week (and sometimes more often)  to go networking, but I know that on those days, a 30-45 minute afternoon nap is not just advisable, it's essential. And I've actually started to practice what I preach. Retiring to bed in mid-afternoon is completely against my nature but I am finally realising that something drastically life-changing has happened and even though I may think I'm OK, I'm not. The two rather ungainly falls I've had in the past week have made me aware of that.

And there are some thoroughly exciting things happening in Warrior-land, with details to be revealed here in the coming weeks. I'm sorry for the problems, but one thing I've learnt from being a strokie is that you don't look back, you look forward - and that's what I plan to do.