Meet The Warrior in person....I might even sign autographs

Back in June, I mentioned that I was stepping up my efforts to spread the stroke-education word by speaking at more business networking events, as well as to other groups who might be receptive to my message.

Well, those efforts have really been successful over the past month. I've spoken to a diverse set of people and advised them about a number of areas, from the need to plan financially for the life-changing event to the need for more people to be aware of basic first-aid so that they can be useful if they see someone having a stroke.

I've been called brilliant and inspirational (and told very firmly to stop thinking that I'm not), I've had grown men and women admitting that my story has moved them to tears and given them goosebumps and I've become far more practiced and confident as a public speaker.

Standing in front of a room full of people has never particularly bothered me (being a naturist does that to you....) but now I feel as if I can stand and talk for as long as necessary and feel confident about doing so, even to the extent of speaking without notes.

It's all helping to raise my profile and that of my efforts to raise awareness of stroke and there are a couple more engagements coming up in the next seven days. I'm speaking at the Wolverhampton group of 4Networking ( next Friday, August 26, but I'm really excited to be addressing my 'home' 4N group on Thursday, August 25. The audience will include some of the people who have really supported me the most since December 2013 and who have seen me develop as a person and a speaker since my stroke; who have, as they keep telling me, watched me turn a horrendous negative into something really positive which can help people.

I'm looking for as good an audience as I can get, so if you're a 4N member already, why not use your passport to come along and be inspired? If you've been wondering about trying business networking, why not use this opportunity to take the plunge? You never know who you'll start talking to, or where that conversation might lead.

And you'll go away inspired to look at your day in a different light.