This Warrior isn't ready for the deep-lying midfield role just yet.......

One of the major effects of my stroke was a decline in my short-term and long-term memory - from the top 5% of men of my age to the bottom 5% faster than A**** V****, as I often say in my stroke-education talks. I put them to the test this week by taking part in a Quiz Night at Drayton Manor Park near Tamworth to promote the Tamworth, Lichfield and Sutton Coldfield Business Networking Awards 2017 and raise money for the Buddy Bag Foundation. 

There were ten teams of four taking part and 4Networking, the business networking organisation which I have mentioned a lot in this blog, fielded three teams. Having not taken part in a quiz like this since before my stroke, I wasn't sure what to expect and there were definitely times during the ten ten-question rounds when I just had to sit back and let my team-mates - Karen Blake, Wendy Garcarz and Adam Redshaw - get on with it; partly because the questions were trickier than we all expected and partly because answers which would previously have been on the tip of my tongue just weren't there any more. They may have been lying in the depths of my brain, but I couldn't dredge them out in time.

But I was glad to find that my musical, sports and current affairs knowledge really stood up to the challenge - maybe things have started to repair themselves 'up there' in the past few months. In certain rounds, the answers came to me as quickly as they would have done ten years ago. It was heartening for me that the brainpower was still there and that I could play a full role in the team. 

To use a footballing analogy, I had feared being like the 35-year-old who was once the heart of the team as a goal-scoring centre-forward but now has to be the deep-lying midfielder, directing operations without doing too much running, but still being able to produce one or two killer passes in every game. In fact, I proved to myself that there is still plenty there and I'd love the opportunity to keep proving it. 

We did so well, in fact that our team - the smartly-named 4Nutters - finished second of ten. We didn't get a prize, but we got enormous satisfaction out of it, which is often what these things are about. And it proved that although this particular warrior may not be what he was pre-stroke in certain ways, that doesn't stop him enjoying life and making a positive contribution.

The 4Networking teams included members from the following groups - Tamworth, Coventry, Cannock Breakfast, Cannock Evening, Walsall Evening, Nuneaton/Rugby, NEC/Redditch and more. 

For more information about 4Networking, go to; to find out more about The Buddy Bag Foundation, see To read about the Tamworth, Lichfield and Sutton Coldfield Business Networking Awards 2017, go to

4Networking Tamworth were grateful for the support of our 4N family across the Midlands, helping to raise funds for their nominated charity. 

Postscript: The night after the Drayton Manor event, myself and Mrs Warrior took part in a quiz at the monthly meeting of the local Headway stroke-survivors group which we attend ( We finished one place away from picking up the wooden spoon. This was entirely Mrs Warrior's fault, obviously........