I have a great voice for working in newspapers.....

Having been close to housebound for almost a year in 2014 as I began the recuperation from my stroke, I've been determined ever since not to sit at home and stare at the walls of Warrillow Towers.

Sometimes, this is to my own detriment as my determination to get out there and do things results in crippling stroke-fatigue - as in the aftermath of my recent trips to Manchester, the North-East and the like. But it's definitely succeeded in widening my network of contacts and friends and without blowing my own trumpet (oh why the hell not, for a change?) I like to feel I've done my bit for the cause of stroke awareness and continue to do so.

I've been on national television (Sky News), local radio in the West Midlands and any number of newspapers and I've banged the drum for stroke-awareness to audiences as far apart as South Shields and Milton Keynes. My diary for the forthcoming months includes Cirencester, Shrewsbury and a return trip to Manchester, while I hope to be in Gloucester as well.

Now, as well as reading me on the internet in this blog, you can hear me on the internet (and I've got a great voice for working in newspapers, I assure you....).

Among the many new friends and business acquaintances I have gathered during this journey is Kirk Pickstone. Kirk discovered he was dyslexic at the age of 44 and now works (among a number of other things) on encouraging more dyslexics to become entrepreneurs. He also has a show on the internet radio station Radio Warwickshire (radiowarwickshire.com) and his show often carries interviews with people who have overcome adversity in some way. We met through the business networking organisation 4N (www.4networking.biz) and he recently interviewed me when we met at The Business Networking Show in Wolverhampton.

I'd recommend you listen to Kirk's show for all sorts of reasons (not least to dispel the notion that all motorcyclists are hard-drinking, drug-taking, troublemakers) but you can hear my interview with him at http://tinyurl.com/jbu32z8. That link is to the podcast of the show on iTunes and you will hear my interview on Episode Six. 

Being a stroke-survivor has given me much greater empathy for and understanding of people who struggle to get through adversity in so many ways; people who are also entitled to call themselves Warriors, in my view.

Kirk, like myself, is one of those people who wants to go out into the world and make a noise about their situation. Long may that continue.