Warrior delivers a knockout blow to previous record

You know that phrase which gets trotted out every so often in weather forecasts and certain newspapers with a reputation for producing scare stories about the British weather? The one which goes "It has been/will be the hottest/coldest/rainiest/snowiest/dampest spring/summer/autumn/winter since records began"?

It means absolutely naff all, of course, without having some sort of context about when records were first kept. Was it 200 years ago? 100 years ago? 50 years ago? 10 years ago? Last week?

It is with that proviso that I can exclusively reveal (look, there's another newspaper cliché) that last week's blog about my exploits with Tamworth Boxing Club produced the biggest number of hits for The Warrior since records began. Which was actually in the middle of 2015, since you asked. So not very long ago, then, but it's still quite pleasing. Like most bloggers, I am still surprised and relieved that anyone at all takes time out of their day to read this stuff.

As I've explained to a few people this week when asked why I talk and write about stroke-education, I take the view that if I can help one person steer clear of the hell I've been through since December 2013, the effort has been worthwhile. And if one person stops and thinks as a result of what I say and write, that inspires me to keep going.

That rather more than one are interested pleases and humbles me greatly. I do it because I enjoy it and I want to make a difference in some way. And if there is anyone out there who is inspired to think of the benefits of what I do and try it themselves, then I've made a difference.

I wanted to find a way to display some more of the boxing images. When I can overcome the technical issues, I want to use one as the backdrop for this blog. I have already used one for the wallpaper on my laptop - Mrs Warrior was hugely impressed.

In the meantime, here are some more. And yes, I know I should take my glasses off when I do this.....