Focus on what you want more of, not what you don't want

I mentioned here last week that I'd won a free £200 ticket to a business event last Friday, something which took me completely by surprise.

The fact that I was somewhat vague about it was largely due to the fact that I didn't know how things were going to pan out on the Thursday, the day before the event, the day after I wrote my blog and the day of the 4Networking Christmas party. That, as regular readers will understand, was a commitment which I was in no circumstances going to cancel and which had the potential to get a bit, um, messy, as it were......

The Thursday began with 4N Tamworth's fortnightly networking breakfast at the Moat House; but this wasn't just any old networking breakfast. No, we had people coming down from Manchester and business networking legend Stefan Thomas travelling up from Oxfordshire to speak. We had 30-plus people attending. We had to get it right.

Oh, by the way, it was group leader JulieGreat Scott's ??th birthday. So not only did we have the usual full English breakfast, we had jelly and ice-cream, birthday cake, specially-designed cup cakes......

The meeting, I'm glad to say, was a triumph. It finished officially at 10am and wrapped up finally at something close to noon. Then, the day really began. I knew I wouldn't cope without some rest so I came back to Warrillow Towers and lay down in a locked and darkened room for an hour, then caught a train into Birmingham to meet up with the birthday girl, Stefan and several other good friends.

Let's just say we had a good afternoon and that the good afternoon merged into a very, very, good evening. In these days of all-seeing social media, much of the evidence is already out there, but I should place on record my thanks to everyone who helped make it a great day and who looked after me when I needed looking after - they know who they are.

And I will say that the 2203 train from Birmingham to Tamworth carried a fair few people who had spent the evening at Birmingham's German Market and were in a far messier state than I was.

Indeed, somehow, I was up bright and early at 6am on Friday to get a train to Leamington. I was on my way to an event called 'The Learners are the Earners' run by business coach and speaker Croz Crossley. I'm not embarrassed to admit I struggled to get the best of it on the day. Maybe it did come too soon after the previous day; maybe my head wasn't in the right place. Whatever it was, I came away feeling confused and uncertain.

But a couple of people (again, they know who they are....) had put the germs of ideas into my head during the day and, after all, I was determined to get the most out of this free opportunity I had been given.

So I mused on these ideas for a few days, got them to a place where they can be developed further and spoke again with Croz earlier today (Wednesday). And I do believe a change in my mindset has already taken place and is bearing fruit. This afternoon, I spoke to a lady who is interested in booking me to speak about stroke-awareness and my stroke experience at a wellness centre and I am massively looking forward to two key events in the next few days, which I will discuss further next week.

As someone has said to me this evening, energy follows intent, so you should focus on what you want more of, not what you don't want. Which is what I intend to do this week. And if any of my readers take a message from this week's story, that's the one I think they should take.

I'm sure the lady I've been speaking to today who has lost over 70lbs in weight in the last 12 months would agree.