A week in the life of The Warrior

To a properly-trained and highly-experienced journalist, creating lists to fill space just seems like lazy journalism.

The modern trend in newspapers and on websites is for 'listicles', bite-size chunks of information which don't take much time to research and even less to write. It's the "Five things we've learned this week'' school of journalism. And generally, I hate it.

I try to avoid it here and at least attempt to wrap my stories into some form of narrative, but this week has been such a bizarre, ridiculous, crazy, busy, stimulating, enjoyable, frustrating week that it somehow just seems right to list everything that's happened and leave you, dear reader, to try to make sense of it. Because I can't.

Friday January 13 2017: Mrs Warrior and I are enjoying a relaxing teatime drink with friends in our favourite local hostelry when, without warning, all the lights go out and all the power goes off. The pub plunges into darkness, the bar staff are unable to serve because they can't see anything.

We reluctantly head home and further down the street, we see staff in a Chinese restaurant busily lighting candles. It may add to the romantic atmosphere, but it must be tricky to serve up a Chinese curry in the dark.

We get home to find power restored. Everything works again.....except our two televisions. Try as we might, we are unable to find the fault. I'm not ringing my friendly neighbourhood TV engineer at 8pm on Friday but resolve to do so first thing on Monday. With no TV, we spend the evening actually talking to each other.

Saturday January 14 2017: Tamworth FC 2 FC Halifax Town 6. Don't ask........

Sunday January 15 2017: Still no TV at Warrillow Towers. The art of conversation reigns again.

Monday January 16 2017: Still no TV, phone calls to the engineer go unanswered and the email programme on my computer starts playing up. Phone calls to my IT guru go unanswered.

Tuesday January 17 2017: A frantic morning chasing paperwork for various reasons. This afternoon, I'm off to Manchester to speak at a 4Networking breakfast tomorrow morning. Mull over the fact that a lady from North Devon has moved a business appointment in order to spend nine hours on the M5 and M6 travelling to see me. Meet her for dinner and have a lovely couple of hours discussing all manner of things. A ginormous shout-out to Caroline Bramwell.

Wednesday January 18 2017: The talk went rather well, to be honest. Someone was kind enough to film part of it and post it on Facebook, where it has so far garnered 350 views. Detour via Leicester on the way back to Warrillow Towers to meet an author/publisher I know who can help me with a number of things. Arrive home just after 7pm (after a 6am start), tired but happy.....especially when Mrs W tells me the TV is fixed. The man contacted her while I was away and called this morning. An amplifier box in the roof of the house had been damaged by Friday's power cut.

Thursday January 19 2017: 4N Lichfield breakfast followed by 4N regional team training for three hours. Very enjoyable, but I'm hungry and sleepy by the end of it. At which point I find out that I've agreed to drive Mrs Warrior's mother to see her 90-year-old sister 20 miles away, where Mrs W's cousin is visiting from Ireland. And it's raining. And the M42 is a car park. And they want to go NOW. And saying 'no' is not an option. In the end, have an enjoyable afternoon with the in-laws and reflect on the good outcomes from my morning networking. It's all about finding things to be glad for, isn't it?

Friday January 20 2017: Another early start for the 4N NEC breakfast group. It's always good and I need to see someone I talked to at the last meeting.

It turns out to be extremely worthwhile, my 4N family offers what could be invaluable help, advice and assistance; I get asked to visit and talk to a stroke-survivor friend of a networking contact. I'm being asked to do that a lot lately.

Sit down to write this blog. Discover the email programme on my computer is playing up again. Phone calls to my IT guru go unanswered. Look forward to a relaxing teatime drink with friends in our favourite local hostelry later this afternoon. And so the whole cycle starts again.......