Keeping my profile high, from Bristol to Portugal...

I blogged on Tuesday about the importance of being constantly visible on social media. And I said that I hoped to post yesterday. And then I didn't. #massivesocialmediafail, lol :)

I won't apologise, I'll just say that yesterday was so full of interesting stuff that I didn't have chance to blog before stroke fatigue hit me late in the afternoon and I was floored for the rest of the day. But I was determined to make up for it this afternoon, because I'm realising more than ever that even with my limited health, there is plenty I can do to keep my name out there and my profile high.

For instance, this afternoon I've been introduced to a new mobile-phone app which allows users to do two-way interviews on Facebook Live as if from a broadcasting studio. I won't say any more at the moment but with any luck, it could take my business networking for to a whole new level.

And earlier this afternoon, I spoke via Skype to a British lady who runs wellness retreat weeks from her base in Portugal. She wants to put on a naturist event later this year and, as she has no experience of naturism, she wants my help, advice and assistance.

I'm looking forward to working with her and to introducing her to a lifestyle which fits so well with her aims of helping people to de-stress.

Then, I booked transport and accommodation for a short trip I'm making to the West Country next week to spread my stroke-awareness message further. I will speak at a 4Networking breakfast in Clevedon on Wednesday morning, then take part in a seminar called 'Practical advice to protect your business should things go pear-shaped."

It's aimed at those business-owners (and there are far too many of them) who think that 'the life-changing event that will never happen to me' won't happen to them. Of course, I am living proof that it can and does. And if it does, and your earning power goes from quite a lot to absolutely nothing in the blink of an eye, you need to have plans already in place. And not enough people have.

To help raise awareness of that fact, I'll be joining Fidel "Bad News" Beauhill of Legally Secure and Tony Pizzi of Prudent Health Cover Ltd to talk about the risks and why and how you should protect yourself. It sounds a serious subject and it is, but we'll be trying to be as light-hearted as we can. It's a free event and if you'd like to come along, tickets can be booked from eventbrite at

Yes, I'll have to get out of my armchair, but it will be worth it!