Why do I do what I do? This is why......

It's the nature of writing (and, I suppose, speaking) as a skill that sometimes, you sit in front of your computer, as I am now, with one single idea in your head and know instantly what to write about. For instance, I could do 800 words on why my post-stroke brain often fails to distinguish between 'now' and 'know.,

At other times, you can sit here for a very long time waiting for an idea to present itself. When that happens (and it does, believe me) I usually go off and do something else, during which time an idea presents itself for no reason whatsoever.

Then, there are the times when you are positively bursting with ideas and struggle to decide on one. Today is one of those. I could write about Monday when, with a foresight which is often beyond me, I booked Mrs Warrior and I Christmas Day lunch 2018 in a good restaurant. 

I could write about Tuesday, when I had a very useful conversation with a friend which helped in a number of ways, then went to see Brad Burton speak at a 4Networking event in Tamworth and still managed time to fit in the last 45 minutes of Tamworth FC being hammered by Blyth Spartans, followed by beers.

I could even write about my restful Wednesday. Instead, I'm going to write about a less-than-restful Thursday, because it sums up so well what I do these days.

I was up much too early for the launch of a 4Networking group in Lichfield. There, I met a lady who runs her own coaching business. By her own admission, she was working too hard, doing too much. When I told her what I was all about, she was horrified. I don't think it had remotely occurred to her that what she was doing, how she was living, was dangerous. Now it has and we intend to discuss it in more depth next week. 

When I speak at networking meetings, I say I scare people (in a good way, obviously) because I don't want them to end up like me. If that lady has been given pause for thought by what I said, it's made my week.

What really made my week, even though it was stupid logistically, was what I did next. I drove home, rushed in to say hello to Mrs Warrior and the dog, then rushed off again to Walsall. I shouldn't have done that, I should have rested, but I wanted to spend time with a friend called Rene Power of Vision B2B and the members of his Vision Inspire group at his Vision Live workshop.

One of the issues I struggle with in terms of marketing what I do is where to focus my efforts. There are so many ways to market yourself these days and I often feel that because of my health issues, I'm not doing things that I could/should be doing.

Three hours with Rene and co (I have to mention Julie Scott, Alison Thomson, Owen Costen, Martyn Coton, Rich Amor-Wilkes, Sian Rowsell, Paul Thompson, Mark Wilkins, Phil Davenport and Michelle Dalley) focused my mind and reminded me that writing is what I am good at and enjoy (even if it is one-finger typing these days), so that is what I should do; this blog, a book which I am making slow progress with...

I didn't get home until after 7pm, making it a stupid 11-hour day. I crashed into bed immediately for an hour to 'rest my eyes', got up to eat, then went back to bed almost straight away and slept for 11 hours.

That's my life these days - bursts of energy, then long periods of rest. That's what brain-damage does. But as I say so often, at least I have a life. Too many like the lady I met carry on like that and kill themselves. Making them think about the consequences before they do is now my 'why.'