Have a happy Easter weekend - I intend to

It's been rather depressing around this blog over the past couple of weeks. The talk has been of hospitals and accidents and worry and stress. Totally understandable, because the nature of this blog is that I reflect what's happening in my life and yes, the last couple of weeks have been tough personally.

But as I sit here on Good Friday morning, pondering for longer than usual to write, I've decided to try to strike a positive note. The last two weeks have really prompted me to focus on dealing with stuff as it happens, then putting it behind me, rather than worrying about what has happened or what could happen.

For instance, a letter arrived in the post on Tuesday. I don't need to expand on the contents here, but in past times, it could/would have frightened me to death. I'd have spent days worrying about how to deal with it. Instead, a chance meeting with a business contact later that day gave me a solution. A letter has been drafted in reply and the situation has been dealt with.

Then, on Thursday, I was contacted by someone who had taken offence over a post on social media. Until recently, I would have let it ruin my day and probably my week. Instead, I chose to take note of what was said, not get involved in a back-and-forth slanging match which would do nobody any good and would probably escalate the situation, but rather to move on with life.

 And that means thinking about two instances this week where my message about the dangers of stress has obviously made a difference. On Wednesday morning, I had a Skype call with a trusted friend and business contact during which they said: "I know I've been working too hard and doing too much recently and it's made me think about your story and realise things have to change.''

The following day, someone asked me: "Why do you do what you do, when you could just sit at home without any stress?''. I was able to tell them that the obvious impact I have made on my friend is why I do what I do.

And while I sit writing this, I see that someone else has mentioned me on social media with the observation that: "The Warrior has a very strong message that EVERYONE (his capitals!) needs to hear.''

Again, that's why I do what I do. And it's why, over this Easter weekend, I'm focusing on those kind words; on the conversation I had yesterday about walking naked through a forest of bluebells; on the fun things that have happened this week, rather than the difficult stuff.

I'm not ignoring the difficult stuff; I'm just saying there's absolutely nothing I can do to control it, so why worry about it? I suggest you spend this holiday weekend doing the same.