Trying to look at life from the positive end

I left you last week with a dismal few days receding in my rear-view mirror while I looked forward to an enjoyable weekend. 

It will surprise none of my readers who know me well that the weekend involved naked recreation. Some naturist friends we have known for nearly 20 years came to stay at Warrillow Towers and we spent plenty of time at Clover Spa (, the naturist spa and hotel in north Birmingham.

Happily, the weekend did the job. The weather was idyllic and warm verging on hot, the company (couples-only) was perfect and not even the fact that something appears to have bitten me very painfully on the eyelid could dampen my mood.

One of our guests is a highly-accomplished amateur photographer and some of the pictures he took during the weekend (of churches, gardens and Tamworth Castle, not from Clover Spa...) can be found on my Facebook feed.

I suppose the rest of this week could perfectly describe the helter-skelter-mood-swing life of the stroke-survivor. Monday was quiet, but Tuesday saw me spend the hottest day of the year on a train to and from Hemswell in Lincolnshire for a speaking engagement. It was fun, the audience loved me, the venue was spectacular, but it was nearly five hours in total there and back on a sweltering train. That's three ups and a down; I'll take that.

But I must have known there would be a hangover and there was, for much of Wednesday. A feeling that I couldn't cope with this physical and mental roller-coaster. Luckily, I have friends I can rely on to step up and help in these situations. On Wednesday, they did - plans are now being put in place to smooth out life's bumps for me.

Thursday was another high. A speaking engagement at a 4Networking breakfast in Tamworth went superbly, with several people saying they had specifically come to hear me speak. Obviously, I'm doing something right.

I was also told at that meeting that my Warrior podcast (hear it at or you can find it on iTunes) has had nearly 1,000 downloads, which I understand is spectacular for a home-produced podcast. A second networking meeting in the afternoon brought further interest - as someone said: "No-one else is doing this stuff from the perspective of a stroke-survivor."

So on to today. Well, this morning was rubbish. Too many things for my knackered brain to sort out. But the unbeatable Mrs Warrior stepped up and took some of the pressure off, leaving me feeling positive enough to end this post on a good note.

What's that? There was a World Cup match on Thursday evening and England lost. Was there? Did they? I can't dwell on the negatives - and neither should the England team.